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JW Maxx Solutions Shares Tips for Keeping Yourself Secure Online

Even though it’s easy to access the internet in the privacy of your own home, the truth is your home’s privacy is the only private thing about it. It’s easier than ever for hackers or even those close to you to gain entry into your favorite online sites and apps. But there are some ways to help prevent any issues, easy steps that people can take to make sure their experience in the safest possible. Check out this article at the link below and start being safer today:



Online Reputation Management Services a Must for New Businesses

Online reputation management (ORM) is a growing industry, as customers increasingly look to the internet to inform their buying decisions. It is no longer sufficient to post a page of sales copy and expect customers to buy your product. Modern internet-savvy customers research companies before they make a purchase, specifically seeking out recent company news and looking for negative reviews. Many businesses find that they cannot leave their online reputation to chance, nor can they afford to wait until their revenue declines to discover that their name has appeared on a scam watch website.  Walter Halicki of JW Maxx Solutions explains, “Some years ago a flashy logo and well-designed webpage convinced customers that a company was legitimate, but those days are gone. Now businesses need positive, relevant results on their first Google search page to convince customers that they are trustworthy. Search engine experts such as JW Maxx Solutions are stepping up to fill the need as ORM specialists, providing their customers with the security they need to know that their online reputation is protected.”

In today’s marketplace, consumer reviews, search engine results and social media play a larger role in promoting a company than any traditional marketing techniques.  Web 2.0 has reshaped the landscape of the internet, making your job of marketing yourself harder than ever.  That’s why online reputation management firms are so important.

JW Maxx Solutions specializes in the complex online marketplace. With experts in search engine optimization, social networking and Web 2.0, JW Maxx Solutions can completely cover your businesses reputation management needs.


Reputation Management Expert, JW Maxx Solutions Reveals Top Online Password Scams For 2012

Though the digital age of today provides many perks to make daily life more convenient, there are also many hazards that can threaten the security of one’s online persona. Hacking is a larger threat than ever in the global landscape, putting Internet users at the hands of intrusion and inconvenience at best, or humiliation, identity theft and impersonation at worst. JW Maxx Solutions, a reputation management expert, reveals the top password scams of the year that Internet users need to be guarded against to stay safe while online.

Don’t use names. Not using one’s first or last name goes without saying, but also a password should now be something publicly repine resentative of oneself.Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions recommends that web surfers avoid using names of kids, spouses or pets as well. These are usually the first guesses of those trying to gain undue access to an account.